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North Carolina Veterinarian Paula Bullock Shares Benefits Of Pet Adoption

Paula Bullock veterinarian and pet adoption advocate, shares the benefits of pet adoption for both animals and humans Veterinarian Paula Bullock is passionate about pet adoptions. Her non-profit animal rescue George’s Place Animal Sanctuary helps thousands of animals per year. Her work has placed over 8000 animals in loving homes. The animal is rescued from […]

Paula Bullock Veterinarian

Paula Bullock Veterinarian Showcases Advocacy Work of AVMA

Expert Paula Bullock veterinarian offers a closer look at the American Veterinary Medical Association and its crucial advocacy work. The nonprofit American Veterinary Medical Association—or AVMA—was founded in 1863. Today, more than 150 years on, it continues to represent U.S. veterinarians employed in private and corporate practice, academia, industry, government, and uniformed services. Qualified for […]