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North Carolina Veterinarian Paula Bullock Shares Benefits Of Pet Adoption

Paula Bullock veterinarian and pet adoption advocate, shares the benefits of pet adoption for both animals and humans

Veterinarian Paula Bullock is passionate about pet adoptions. Her non-profit animal rescue George’s Place Animal Sanctuary helps thousands of animals per year. Her work has placed over 8000 animals in loving homes. The animal is rescued from a bad situation and the people gain a loving pet. Pet adoption is beneficial for everyone involved.

Over 7 million companion animals end up in shelters in the US every year.  Pet overpopulation and rescuing animals are the two main reasons for pets entering shelters. Veterinarian Paula Bullock spayed and neutered thousands of pets to try to prevent this exact situation.

Many other animals are removed from negligent environments. Removing the animals from these desperate situations involves veterinarian care and then rehoming the animal. Paula Bullock’s veterinarian practice provided the critical care these animals needed. The alternative could’ve been euthanizing the animal.

Dedication and work of veterinarian Paula Bullock and her team at her nonprofit George’s Place Animal Sanctuary help these animals find homes. They facilitate the medical care the animals needs and provide a place for people to look for their next pet.

There is a cost associated with adopting a pet, but it is much less expensive than buying a pet from a breeder or pet store. The cost of adoption covers the medical care and spay or neutering of the pet that was provided by teams working with veterinarian Paula Bullock.  This decreased cost is a great benefit for people looking to add a pet to their home without a huge price tag.

Veterinarian Paula Bullock commonly shared with the owners of her patients that the benefits of pet adoption go beyond just giving and animal a home. People with pets have increased health benefits from walking a dog or playing with a cat. Pet owners are shown to have a decreased level of stress compared to people without pets. There’s also a proven correlation with decreased loneliness for households with pets.

Pet adoption would not be possible without the dedication of veterinarian Paula Bullock and organizations like George’s Place Animal Sanctuary. Pet adoption is the best way to add a pet to a household for financial reasons, for health benefits, and for saving pets from being euthanized in animal shelters.

Veterinarian Paula Bullock dedicates her work to help the animals that need the most help. She founded a thriving veterinarian practice in North Carolina that is still very successful. Her passion for pet adoption and animal rescue began with a radio show, PETTING ZOO on WDCG G105 radio station. Her work continued to grow with the founding of George’s Place Animal Sanctuary and to date she has placed over 8,000 animals in loving homes.

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