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Paula Bullock Reveals Family Fervor for Water and Snow Sports

Enterprising veterinarian Paula Bullock explains how her family’s love of the outdoors spawned a professional interest in snow and water sports.

A qualified veterinarian for over two decades, Paula Bullock is also an accomplished entrepreneur and celebrated animal welfare advocate. What’s more, and stemming from her family’s love of the outdoors, Bullock has further established herself as a water and snow sports authority in recent years.

“Over the course of the last 15 years or so, a family passion for the outdoors has gone on to lead to a real love of snow and water sports,” explains Paula Bullock, who’s based in North Carolina.

“Our growing passion for water and snow sports ultimately led me to establish Hexagon Wake Park in Johnston County,” adds the enterprising veterinarian.

This, however, was far from Paula Bullock‘s first foray into business and entrepreneurship. Graduating from North Carolina State University in 1993, having studied veterinary medicine, Bullock promptly completed her internship, took her first job at an emergency facility, and, by the age of just 23, had opened her own veterinary practice in Durham, North Carolina.

Paula Bullock‘s practice, Greenwood Veterinary Hospital, was a huge success. This soon led the now-qualified veterinarian to host a popular animal adoption show on a nearby local radio station.

She would later also form Affordable Animal Care, offering low-cost or free veterinary care for those in need, and George’s Place Animal Sanctuary—which today successfully adopts out over 8,000 pets every year—before turning her professional focus to water and snow sports. “With my growing interest in snow and water sports, I later established Hexagon Wake Park in 2012 and became something of an authority in the field,” explains Paula Bullock.

Paula Bullock’s investment into the sports-focused endeavor in North Carolina’s Johnston County would ultimately bring cable wakeboarding to the area for the first time.

While traditional wakeboarding sees participants pulled by a rope attached to the back of a boat, cable wakeboarding, as offered at Hexagon Wake Park, sees a fixed system employed alongside a dedicated body of water.

In terms of snow sports, meanwhile, Bullock is particularly interested in slopestyle and pipe. Slopestyle is a snow sport in which participants ski or snowboard down a course amid a range of obstacles and terrain features. In a similar vein, pipe is considered to be a related freestyle discipline, also popular within the same field.

From graduating as a veterinarian and establishing her own practice to building George’s Place Animal Sanctuary, Hexagon Wake Park, and more, it’s been a full-time adventure for water and snow sports enthusiast Paula Bullock, she says. “It’s all been part of an amazing and full-time adventure,” adds the enterprising veterinarian, wrapping up, “and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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