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Paula Bullock Reveals Growing Demand for Water Sports in U.S.

Enterprising water sports fan Paula Bullock offers a closer look at the continued growth of water sports participation both nationally and internationally.

A lifelong lover of the outdoors and a passionate fan of waterskiing and other water sports, Paula Bullock, from North Carolina, has subsequently positioned herself as something of an authority in the field. Establishing her own highly successful water sports park in the process, Paula provides an inside look at the continued growth of participation, and the combined water sports equipment and accessories markets, both in the U.S. and across wider North America, as well as elsewhere around the world.

“From bodyboarding and kayaking to kiteboarding, sailing, and wakeboarding, interest in water sports, particularly in the U.S., has never been higher,” suggests Paula Bullock, speaking from her home in North Carolina.

Indeed, according to business data platform Statista, during 2019, approximately 13.5 percent of people in the U.S. participated in at least one form of water sports activity. A 2018 study, meanwhile, by Credence Research, Inc. previously further revealed that, through 2026, the global water sports market is likely to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of over four percent.

The 2018 study listed health awareness and stress management among the most significant factors in this growth, Paula Bullock reports. “Based on geography, North America continues to lead the global market in water sports,” she further reveals, “thanks to an already high number of water sports facilities and enthusiasts.”

Worldwide market research and counseling firm Credence Research, Inc. puts the global compound annual growth rate of water sports, water sports equipment, and water sports accessories combined at 4.3 percent until at least 2026.

According to Paula Bullock, however, in the U.S., this number is likely to be higher. “With North America, in particular, boasting higher numbers of water sports facilities and already keen enthusiasts than many other places around the world, the compound annual growth rate in the U.S. and Canada, between today and five or six years from now, could prove to be much greater,” says the expert.

Paula Bullock certainly believes in the U.S. water sports and water sports facilities market, establishing Hexagon Wake Park in Johnston County, North Carolina, in 2012.

Enterprising water sports fan Paula Bullock is also a qualified veterinarian, graduating from North Carolina State University in 1993. Paula quickly went on to establish her own practice in Durham, North Carolina, then began hosting a local pet adoption-focused radio show, and, in 2009, opened Affordable Animal Care to provide low-cost or free veterinary treatment in the community. She’s also the name behind wildly successful nonprofit animal rescue, George’s Place Animal Sanctuary, which now successfully adopts out over 8,000 animals annually.

While Paula Bullock has since sold Hexagon Wake Park, the enterprising veterinarian continues her animal welfare and rescue work, and is involved in a variety of other exciting endeavors. “My love for water sports, however, as well as cycling, I’m pleased to say, continues to keep me thoroughly entertained and enjoying the outdoors in my free time whenever I’m not working,” she adds, wrapping up.

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