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Paula Bullock Showcases Latest Innovations Within Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarian Paula Bullock provides an expert look at some of the latest innovations within the field of veterinary care.

From stem cell therapy and laser surgery to newer, safer forms of anesthesia, veterinary medicine has never evolved at a greater pace than in recent years. With the newest innovations including breakthroughs in cancer treatment and reconstructive surgery for our pets, seasoned veterinarian Paula Bullock provides an expert insight into some of the very latest advances to be made in the field.

“Veterinary medicine has enjoyed a period of incredible innovation in recent years,” says Paula Bullock..

Among the most recent innovations, according to the veterinarian, are previously unseen forms of reconstructive surgery, breakthrough cancer treatments, and the application of artificial intelligence to detect various diseases in pets.

“From underwater treadmills and veterinary acupuncture to so-called adoptive immunotherapy, advances in animal medicine continue to come thick and fast,” suggests Paula Bullock. “It’s truly wonderful what’s been achieved recently,” she goes on, “and our beloved pets have never had a better chance at fighting what life throws at them, particularly as they age.”

Veterinarian Paula Bullock herself has been involved in a number of innovations within the field, including as far back as the 1990s when she was among the only veterinarians on the Atlantic Coast and in surrounding areas performing revolutionary radioactive iodine treatments for pets.

Paula Bullock was born in the Robeson County city of Lumberton, North Carolina, and attended Raleigh-based North Carolina State University for undergraduate and veterinary medicine. Now qualified for over 25 years, veterinarian Paula Bullock has also spent considerable time in both Mebane and Durham, North Carolina.

“I graduated in 1993 and completed an internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts,” says Bullock, looking back. The now-seasoned veterinarian’s first job, she says, was at an emergency facility in Raleigh, close to her place of study at North Carolina State University.

“Soon, I opened my first practice at the age of 23,” Paula Bullock reveals. “Greenwood Veterinary Hospital was founded in Durham, North Carolina, and became a huge success,” she adds, “as one of the only facilities on the East Coast of the United States that could perform I-131 radioactive iodine treatments.”

Veterinarian Paula Bullock has, in the years that have followed, witnessed countless breakthroughs and new innovations within the field of veterinary medicine. “I couldn’t be happier with where we’ve come,” says Paula, “and with where we continue to go as innovation within veterinary medicine persists at lightning pace.”

Paula Bullock has also since gone on to form her own nonprofit animal rescue, George’s Place Animal Sanctuary, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. “Providing free veterinary care and transport to forever homes all across the U.S.,” she adds, wrapping up, “we now successfully adopt out over 8,000 pets each year.”

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